About me

Steinunn Inga Óttarsdóttir is a literary critic and a school administrator. Born in Akureyri Iceland in 1963.

She wrote literary reviews and columns on media in the most widely read newspaper in Iceland for a decade (Morgunblaðið 2000-2012), in Kvennablaðið (a webmagazine 2014-2019) and on the National Radio (Rúv 2016-2019). Also articles on literature in icelandic magazines such as TMM and Andvari. Committe member and later chairman of the committee for artists’ salaries and for prize committees for annually literary translations in Iceland. One of three editors of a website about Icelandic women writers and poets, skáld.is. Specializes in travel stories and 18th century literature. Final thesis in the 1996 master’s program on Icelandic travel stories from the beginning of writing to 1835 based on the theories of e.g. Foucault, Bakhtín and Derrida regarding selfliterature. Another final thesis in a 2019 master’s program about a female novelist and poet with a marginal status in Icelandic literature: Rebellion and Exile, on reception and literary status of Oddný Guðmundsdóttir.

Writing literary reviews for over twenty years Steinunn Inga has a keen eye for fiction and writes with professionalism, passion and knowledge in an elaborate and clear style.

As a school administrator in an upper secondary school in Akranes Iceland since 2020, Steinunn Inga emphasizes on student´s wellfare, good workplace morale and a serving, democratic leadership.

A slow traveller, fast book reader, dog lover, mother of two, loves biking and camping in the icelandic highlands, loves fresh and healthy eating and drinking nice wine and strong coffee, loves dancing in the living room  and chilling out with family and friends.

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